Welcome to the Newbies

I’m sorry I haven’t been on my A-game lately but I am slowly coming back around. Thanks to all those who have stuck with it and thank you to newbies who have found some interest in older posts. With that said, let’s do fun facts of the new nations in the 21stren family!


1. Turks introduced coffee to Europe. (Italy you’re welcome)

2. The first church built by man (St. Peter’s Church) is in Antioch (Antakya), Turkey.

3. Writing was first used by people in ancient Anatolia.

That’s history!


We’ll play how to be Austrian courtesy of this place.

1. Get nude! This is so normal here as to barely* rate a mention. Topless sunbaking is the norm at all public swimming spots, be it beside the Danube, at a public pool or with your kids at the local swim spot

2. Get Fit. Austrians love a good walk, or hike, or mountain bike, or rock climbing or going for a ‘Wandern’ – which is a hike that can go for hours. (Ok, I love them)

3. Sit Down Boys. I’m talking about boys bathroom etiquette. They pee sitting down. Legitimately, taught from a young age to pee sitting down.

wow, I hope to visit y’all soon!

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